Frequently asked questions

Can I choose my own au pair?

You will receive an au pair profile, which The Au Pair has pre-selected based on your profile preferences. If you are not satisfied we will continue searching for the perfect au pair.

Can we change au pairs if we are not satisfied?

Obviously we would like to minimize these scenarios through our thorough selection process in the beginning. But it can happen that conflict arises and that we will have to find another au pair. We have a crisis management strategy in place.

Does the au pair have a phone?

It varies per au pair. The au pair does not necessarily bring his/her phone along from South Africa. In most cases the family provides the au pair with a 'family phone' to use for the year. This enables the host family to always be in contact.

How are the au pairs screened?

Firstly The Au Pair has a intake conversation with the au pair. At this meeting The Au Pair tests the candicates motives and expectations. The candicates receives a thorough information pack and will be asked to complete a profile with photos. The interested candidate will come for an formal interview before we proceed with matching.

How would we pay the au pair?

You do not pay the au pair directly. Their wages are included in your monthly fee. We opened a bank account for the au pair in which he/she will receive their monthly wage.

What happens when we are not happy with our au pair?

The Au Pair does quarterly checks to monitor the situation at home. it is important the you signal any possible conflicts or problems during these checks. The Au Pair will liaise and first give suggestions and make alternations to proceed together. If the situation does not change together we will have to make alternative arrangements for a possible new au pair.

What is the selection criteria for an au pair?

The au pair completes a profile questionaire and thereafter are interviewed by The Au Pair in South Africa en The Netherlands.

What will an au pair cost me?

Based on one calendar year, an au pair will cost you €700 per month. This amount does not include lodging costs.