Mediation and more.

Congratulations! You have found an au pair. The next step is finding an au pair agency to help with the application.

The new law sets more requirements on host families and au pair agencies. Only mediation for visa purposes is no longer sufficient. As an au pair agency, we take a large part of the duty of care, disclosure and retention over from the host family.

Obviously the part of "recruitment" for your family is not applicable, so the cost for this we do not bring in account.

For this reason we take your au pair under our wings and we will arrange:

  • Preparation and contact with your au pair before his/her arrival
  • The Au Pair meets your au pair at the airport and escorts him/her for a day for acclimatization and orientation in the Netherlands before he/she meets your family.
  • The Au Pair takes care of the transport of the au pair to the host family
  • Monthly allowance of € 340 per month + € 10 call credit
  • Au pair account for pocket money
  • Care and travel insurance
  • Dutch language course
  • Museum annual pass
  • Off peak-benefit rail card
  • 2 Cultural days organised by The Au Pair
  • 24-hour emergency line for au pairs
  • Quarterly contact
  • Bi-annual evaluation
  • Bonus month (13th month) to the end of a successful year

For this you pay €285 in advance and again €606 for each month that the au pair stays with you.

Please note that an au pair can not stay longer than 364 days.

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